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Throughout history, the Bible has been used to justify all kinds of movements and ideologies — from the Crusades, to anti-oppressive liberation theology, to the abominable Westboro Baptist Church and its fierce opposition to homosexuality and reproductive rights.

The Bible contains such a wide array of ideas that it can…

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Conservatives love fearmongering about the left. It’s one of their favorite strategies to try to discredit us. They constantly fabricate absurd claims like this:

“Liberals want to ban hamburgers.” — Fox News

Feminists want to eliminate men.” — Men’s rights activists all across the internet

“Liberals want to put us…

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During the pandemic, OnlyFans has become a household name.

In March of 2020, OnlyFans had only around 26 million registered users. By September of 2021, it had skyrocketed up to a whopping 170 million. The company’s CEO has already amassed over 120 million dollars.

OnlyFans is also home to more…

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As we all know, the US has a history of suppressing socialist ideology — even when it comes at the cost of free speech, which Americans supposedly hold sacred.

Leftist ideas in general have been maligned throughout US history.

Throughout the Cold War, the Red Scare was weaponized to curb…

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We’ve all heard the common mythology about the devastating 1999 high school shooting at Columbine.

Here’s how it goes: The shooters were unpopular at school. They were nerdy, shy loners who were bullied by the jocks. Girls rejected them left and right. They were invisible.

They executed the attack as…

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Jordan Peterson thinks that “the masculine spirit is under assault.”

Why? To put it briefly, it’s because of feminism.

He explains that white men dominate in our society for good reason — because our society is naturally organized in a hierarchy based on competence.

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In July, Jeff Bezos fulfilled his boyhood ego trip of going to space. Along with his brother, an 82-year-old female astronaut, and an 18-year-old whose dad paid for him to be there, he successfully transcended the stratosphere in Blue Origin’s first manned launch.

After the successful landing, Blue Origin held…

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I had a friend in college who loved to stare at boobs. Whenever we hung out, I’d catch his eyes wandering. I’d follow his gaze out of curiosity. Invariably, the object of his ogling would be an unsuspecting woman with a low-cut shirt and some cleavage showing.

Sometimes he did…

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Writer, editor, leftist, and feminist activist. Endlessly fascinated by the complexities of human minds and cultures. Currently completing my MA in Anthropology

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